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“Some fight for riches, some fight for fame. The first I despise, and the last is a name...”

If you had to pick two lines that describe Ghost Legion, those would be them.

We are primarily a PvP focused guild, and are looking for mature, competitive gamers who also know how to have fun. While we look forward to dominating the field in WvW and five man competition, we are not a ‘PvP exclusive/only’ guild. We like the lore and are looking forward to completing the PVE aspect as well.

Speaking of lore, we are also a RP friendly community (meaning not mandatory, nor elitist), and are looking to document our saga. Our first video, ‘The Warborn’ is a testament to the quality of our future work. That said, if you are a creative individual, and would like to have some creative direction with our story, you are welcome to do so.
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